By any other name

Thinking about this week’s library question (which is much less straightforward, I guarantee, than those to come), I’m reminded of the elasticity of the term “bibliography.” It literally means “writing about books,” but that definition would cover a great many publications, wouldn’t it?

The Internet, as is often the case, confuses things for us even more, because an innocent search with the term “bibliography” would surely yield more results than all the grain in Kansas. Everything, or most everything that’s credible, has a bibliography attached to it.

But only certain types of reference tools are bibliographies — things we’d use to find out about the state of academic criticism and scholarship on Poe, as your question bids you do.

In class on Tuesday we’ll talk about types of bibliographies. For this assignment, see how many different types you find.


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Welcome to English 650

Since we will be meeting only one day a week, it’s likely that a number of good topics for discussion and debate will come up, but we won’t have time to tackle them in class.

Hence this blog.

Each Wednesday I’ll be posting a new entry that spins off previous class meeting’s discussion. And I invite you all to comment as you wish. In past classes some of the most enlightening and helpful conversations have actually taken place outside the classroom — in my office or in the virtual world.

So this will be a site for an ongoing extra-class discussion.

As things occur to me during the week, or new information comes to light that might help you with your various assignments, I’ll post that here, too, so check back regularly.

I’ll see everyone today at 4 pm.

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